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ABKaelin, LLC (ABK) provides professional consulting and support services to painting contractors, fabricators, manufacturers, owners, engineering and architectural firms, corporate and government agencies.

​​Course Offerings
(all courses are  8:00 AM - 5:00 PM):

SSPC C-3:  Supervisor/competent person training for deleading/hazardous coatings removal on industrial and marine structures. 

June 4-7, 2018  

SSPC C-5:  Supervisor/competent person training refresher course for deleading/hazardous coatings removal on industrial and marine structures.

June 8, 2018   

Contact  ABK  to schedule private training at your facility or in your area.  

ABK specializes in environmental, health and safety monitoring, training and consulting, hazardous waste, quality assurance, quality programs, quality audits, corrosion assessments, prevention, coatings failure analysis, coating applicator qualification, training, operator qualifications and coating inspection training, programs, documentation and support.  

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ABK staff and strategic partners include environmental and civil engineers, industrial hygienists, ambient air monitoring technicians, hazardous waste specialists, air pollution control engineers, certified industrial hygienists (CIH) and certified safety professionals (CSP), coating inspectors, corrosion experts, protective coating specialists, certified trainers, regulatory specialists, certified quality auditors (CQA), operator qualification evaluators, and more.
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​​Course Reviews:
Comment from John Wilson, (3/14/2017):
“I had the pleasure of taking part of the C-3 course (De-Leading of Industrial Structures) you presented at in Redmond, WA this past January. Your care and concern for the health & safety of all workers and the general public had a tremendous effect on me. I encourage all your readers to take this information back to your place of work and endeavor spread the word of the health and effects of silica dust and other heavy metals to the workforce. Thank you Alison!”
ABK participates in and makes an investment in the trade organizations and professional associations that represent our target markets. This includes serving on and chairing technical committees, participating in conferences, providing pro-bono support to non-profit technical organizations, conducting research and sharing knowledge in publications and presentations.
 Program Delivery Coordinator at SSPC:  

“Thank you for teaching an SSPC class. We appreciate your time and effort. In regard to the C3 course you taught  1/16-19/2017, and the C3/C5 course you taught on 1/20/2017 in Redmond, WA, your instructor rating is:  5 (out of 5).”
 Other student comments: 
     “Alison is the best!”

     “Very knowledgeable, kept the class flowing.”

     "Alison gave real time, real life examples and
      showed expert knowledge. She is an outstanding

ABK ​is a certified DBE (14029) through the DOT Unified Certification Program in Pennsylvania, Illinois and Florida. ABK is a licensed provider and principal instructor of the SSPC C-3 Supervisor/Competent Person Training for Deleading of Industrial Structures and C-5 Refresher courses and technical editor of current and previous revisions.
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