New NY Bridge - Four Years in Two Minutes

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ABKaelin, LLC was involved on The New NY Bridge/  Governor Mario M Cuomo Bridge project from the first day of coating application and presently providing coatings quality assurance, auditing and project management services.

Walt Whitman Painters Live the High Life

ABKaelin, LLC is proud to be part of the DRPA/JMT team as an industrial hygiene/ environmental health and safety subconsultant and to be working with Corcon, Inc. and the painters and riggers from IUPAT and District Council 711 and 21, and Local 2011.
Technical Editor of:

Project Design: Industrial Lead Paint Removal Handbook, Volume II 

Kenneth A. Trimber and Daniel P. Adley
Women Professionals of SSPC share advice on working in the coatings industry 

Published on Jul 28, 2016

Joyce Wright, a facility owner representative serving on the SSPC Board of Governors interviewed 8 women from various sectors of the coatings industry at SSPC 2016. Here, they share their wisdom and thoughts to inspire other women to excel in a typically male-dominated workforce.

Erin Vogel, Industrial Coatings R&D Group, Dow Coating Materials
Chrissy Stewart, Senior Chemist, KTA-Tator, Inc.
Kristin Leonard, Oil, Gas and Chemical, Bechtel Corporation
Alison Kaelin, CQA, ABKaelin, LLC.
Laura Blechl, Executive Director of Business, Deco Coatings, Inc.
Gail Warner, Retired (formerly of Newport News Shipbuilding)
Lydia Frenzel, Executive Director of the SSPC Advisory Council
Cindy O'Malley, Consulting & Laboratory Services Manager, KTA-Tator, Inc.

Learn more about SSPC including membership at Get involved with the Women in Coatings track at SSPC 2017! Stay tuned to for more information.
Inaugural SSPC Women in Coatings Impact Awardees

Published on Mar 31, 2014

Jodi Temyer from PaintSquare News interviews the recipients of the inaugural SSPC "Women in Coating Impact Award" given to Lana Ponsonby of Newport News Shipbuilding and Alison Kaelin of A.B. Kaelin, LLC at SSPC 2014 in Florida.